Region Silves

Algarve’s former capital Silves is a city filled with history and surrounded by several monuments. Geographically the municipality of Silves is located north of the Arade River. The landscape surrounding the town is hilly and rests on top of one of the largest underground aquifers in the Algarve. Silves has managed to preserve most of its historical heritage which makes the city very appealing to people who are not only interested in the area’s past but who also want to learn more about the culture that has evolved throughout the times. Among other things, the Archaeological Museum and the Castel are spots you don’t want to miss. The museum is divided in 4 sections that each represent an era in time. The Castel dates from the 19th century and offers opportunities for walking and leisure. It also has a magnificent view of the city and Arade River. Although the biggest part of the municipality of Silves is located in the interior, it has a short coastline at Armação de Pêra and Pêra, with wide stretches of beaches, restaurants, bars and where you can engage in underwater sports, such as scuba diving because of the rich biodiversity that is present there.