Region Faro

Faro is the capital of the District Faro. Because of its status it is the seat of many administrative services which makes it an attractive place for all sorts of commercial activities. Faro is a modern city that has evolved economically and is continuously building new infra-structures to meet the demands of its citizens and the expectations of the tourists. In this context Faro’s international airport shows a gradual increase in the number of visitors to this area. The liberalization of air travel and the introduction of low cost flights have resulted in a large number of new tourists who don’t only enjoy “the beach and the sun”, which is the major motivation in Algarve Tourism, but who also consider this area to be a great place for meetings and other business related gatherings. Even as a “city break” Faro has become quite popular.
Faro has a great historical heritage due mostly to the Moorish occupation in the 8th century which is reflected in the various monuments. The University of the Algarve has an important place in today’s society and the same counts for the marina, a good place for people to go for a walk and to make good use of the restaurants and bars in the area.